Down to earth, here
My eyes can not see what makes me sick
I carry on and raise my head
There is a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčempty things inside of me

Your body is not the same
I can feel your ugly doubt
Every night I think of you
All day long I try to find you
And I thought I was enough
But I always missed a part
You wanted me to be your slave
When I was out of your game

Look at me. What do you see?
I am a body that will die at your ordinary feet
And you will not cry or feel
I gave the best that was in me
You've been enjoying me like a doll
Now I'm stuck and tied to you
I live as your personal fool
I will love you every second
Every scream will come to life
Look at me
Pray for me
Don't waste my time

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